Group Fitness Classes


(updated November 17, 2017)

Unlimited Fitness Classes: $29 per month (for membership, we need a voided check from which to auto-debit each month.  No contracts.  Cancel any time by emailing and asking for cancellation.  Your membership will be canceled prior to your next debit and you will receive a confirmation email.)

Drop in cost: $10 (cash only please)

The Fitness Spot offers a wide variety of exercise classes to help you reach your fitness goals. Group classes are a fun way to increase strength and endurance, tone your core and energize your spirit.


6:00am Boot Camp (Darius)
9:00am Bumps and Butts (Dr. Emily)–45 min class
12:15pm Cardio Kickbox (Darius)
5:30pm Boot Camp (Darius)
6:00am Boot Camp (Carrie)
12:15pm Boot Camp (Carrie)
5:30pm Cardio Kickbox (Darius)
6:00am Boot Camp (Darius)
6:30am Yoga Stretch (Darius)
9:00am Bumps and Butts (Dr. Emily)–45 min
12:15pm Boot Camp (Darius)
5:30pm Boot Camp (Carrie)
6:00am Boot Camp (Carrie)
7:15am Breathing Class (Emily B)
12:15pm Butts and Guts (Darius)
5:30pm Cardio Kickbox (Darius)
6pm Boot Camp (Kate)
6:30pm Cardio Dance (Kate)
6:00am Boot Camp (Darius)
12:15pm Tabata (Darius)
 8:30am  Boot Camp (instructors alternate)
 9:00am  Family Fit Camp (Kate)

Each class is 30 minutes in length unless otherwise specified.  Class size can vary but usually average about 8 participants.  Our environment is small but supportive.  We would love to have you join us!  Check out the descriptions below:

Boot Camp:  this class is different each time but all Boot Camp classes are full body strength training workouts.  Using interval training, your trainer will coach you through a sweat-inducing workout appropriate for all levels from beginner to advanced.  Research has shown that higher intensity, short duration workouts such as our Boot Camp classes promote lean muscle building and fat burning for up to 48 hours after your workout is over.  Great for those looking to build strength and burn body fat.

Butts and Guts:  focuses entirely on strengthening and toning the core and glutes.  Uses both traditional strength training moves as well as some Pilates and other toning exercises for a complete ab and booty burning workout.

Bumps and Butts:  Group exercise class for Prenatal and Postnatal Women seeking an alternative to Yoga and Pilates.  Join Emily Wilson, Physical Therapist and Pelvic Rehabilitation Specialist, as she guides you through a fun and effective boot camp style workout. It will incorporate the latest pelvic floor and abdominal training principles into a variety of body weight resistance exercises designed to help you get fit for or recover from childbirth.

Cardio Kickbox:  a great combination of cardio bursts utilizing traditional kickboxing moves such as jabs, uppercuts, kicks and blocks for a kick-butt workout.  Each class includes a small segment of floor work to balance out muscles that get tight from sitting at a desk all day.

Cardio Dance:  dancing like no one is watching.  Sweat like no one cares!  Join us for this fun, calorie-shredding class where you learn an entire dance routine to a popular song in a cardio fashion.  A great way to have some fun and burn some major calories!

Yoga Stretch:  Gentle and efficient stretching routine that helps lengthen your muscles so you can move better, stand taller and reduce pain.

Family Fit Camp:  bodyweight boot camp class for the whole family.  Bring your kids with you to the workout!  They can participate in whatever capacity they feel works while you get your sweat on too!  Fun, upbeat workout that instills an awesome exercise habit in everyone.

Breathing Class:  take 30 minutes out of your day and start your morning in a state of gentle guided breathing or meditation.  Not an exercise class in the traditional sense but a much needed class for our hectic lives.  Emily will hold a space for you to get the day started on a calm, peaceful note.  Guided breathing enhances oxygen to the muscles, organs and brain leaving you rejuvenated and empowered to start you day.