8 Week Fat Loss School

The next 8 Week Fat Loss Program starts the first Saturday of every month.

 Balance Hormones, Burn Fat, Build Muscle

Watch this short video to learn more then follow the simple steps below to get started

Step 1: 

Email Carrie at The Fitness Spot (thefitnessspot@gmail.com)

  • Let her know you want to be included in the next 8 week fat loss school (next 8 week program starts October 1st with an orientation class–see below).
  • You will receive a confirmation email and follow up information.

Step 2: 

Attend the 90 minute orientation program on the first Saturday of each month (8:30-10am).  October 1st is the next orientation class. 

This orientation program will take you through the outline of the program.  You will get a food list, recipes and tons of information to get you started.

Step 3: 

Attend at least 2 of the weekly workout sessions and at least one of the weekly Carrienutrition/fat loss re-evaluation sessions at The Fitness Spot 

  • Ensures program adherence
  • Allows us to tweak your nutrition based on your body’s own feedback to optimize your fat burning and assure you are hormonally balanced and burning fat efficiently.

Step 4: 

Continue on the program for 8 weeks

  • By the end of 8 weeks, you will have found your body’s fat loss formula
  • Meals and nutrition will come naturally, your hormones will be balanced, you will be losing fat without relying on willpower
  • You will be gaining lean muscle

Cost:  $169 for the full 8 week program including all fitness classes, meetings, handouts and nutrition programs.  Click here to see when we offer our Fat Loss School boot camp and Nutrition Classes